Better choise for the environment

Since there is more film per roll with Trioplus® the handling of waste for recycling decreases. Less boxes, cores and plastic used, combined with less fuel consumption, is a plus for the environment.

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Time saver

Time is of high importance for best result of silage quality. Crop that is harvested early has high nutrition value. For profitability it is also important that harvest is done during the best weather circumstances. The weather plays an important part due to rain being a threat against high quality silage.

Product/Brand New Code Old Code Colour Width (mm) Length (m) Approx. Roll Weight (Kg)
Trioplus® 59755343 trioplusg750 Eco Green 750 1900 28
Trioplus® 59755347 TRIOPLUS750PK Pink 750 1900 28
Trioplus® 59755346 TRIOPLUS750BL Blue 750 1900 28
Trioplus® 59755348 TRIOPLUS750Y Yellow 750 1900 28

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