Baletite Pro<sup>™</sup>
Over the edge coverage
Full coverage

Covers the full width of the bale from edge to edge.

Oxygen Barrier

Provides an additional oxygen barrier to aid crop conservation.

High Strength and Consistent
Tighter Seal

Baletite exerts a tight grip around the bale circumference to compress content and expel oxygen faster.

High Quality Raw Material
Easy removal

Baletite is easier to remove as no fodder can become enmeshed as with netwrap. Bales can be unwrapped quickly and easily.

Knot free

100% recyclable - can be recycled together with balewrap.

Product/Brand New Code Old Code Colour Width (mm) Length (mtr) Guage (µm) Pallet Qty
Baletite Pro 59994961 BTW1280 White 1.28 2,000 16 20
Baletite Pro 'McHale' 59994951 BTMW2000 White 1.38 2,000 16 20

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